Where to Buy Tamanu Oil

Tamanu oil’s botanical name is Calophyllum tacamahaca and/or Calophyllum Inophyllumis. The tamanu tree is indigenous to Southeast Asia where it can be found in Vietnam, South India, and the Polynesian islands just to name a few. The oil is obtained from this tamanu tree which grows approximately 10 feet tall.

This tree blooms twice a year resulting in beautiful fragrant white flowers which yield clusters of yellow skinned fruit. To produce this precious oil, this fruit is dried in the sun until a thick dark rich oil grows, and then it’s cold pressed to make this precious oil.

To put this amazing oil into perspective, it takes a whopping 100 kilograms of the tree fruit, which by the way is the amount that an entire tree produces in a year, just to yield 5 kilograms of this cold pressed tamanu oil often referred to by the natives as “Green Gold”.

Where to Buy Tamanu Oil
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Having a broad interest which is expanding every day, people, spas and salons, massage therapists and vendors are constantly searching for sources where to buy tamanu oil. There are a multitude of websites dedicated to information about this magnificent product and also selling tamanu oil. Before you start looking, it’s important to know the area of usage for this oil.

You want to make sure that this product can provide solutions to your specific ailments. Historically, tamanu oil was used as an antiseptic, a diuretic, an expectorant, an astringent plus a purgative. As a pain reliever, this oil has been used for shingles, sciatica, neuralgia, and rheumatism. Other tamanu oil benefits include its capacity to help heal skin conditions including sunburn, blisters, athlete’s foot, eczema, dried-out skin, rash, small cuts and insect bites.

More and more research is coming out showing how this oil can be very effective in reducing acne, stretch marks, and size and texture of old and new scars.. If you look closely at ingredients list, you will see there are a range of skin care products on the market today utilizing the tamanu oil benefits as the only ingredient or in combination with other natural ingredients aimed at enhancing the health of skin.

Well-known websites like Amazon, VitaminShoppe, and Ebay among others are a fantastic source of information regarding where to buy tamanu oil. These sites also provide the names of companies who specialize in different variations of this oil which can be utilized more effectively in areas such as skin care, anti-inflammatory, and acne treatment as mentioned previously.

The sites further provide categorized details based on Brands, Wholesale Sellers, Sales and Pricing of the different items. Several health spas, skin clinics, and massage companies have direct relationships with the Tamanu Oil manufacturers which help them in obtaining this oil at discounted rates. Lastly, don’t forget to check with your local health food store and organic grocer. They often carry this oil in stock due to its increased demand as a result of its coverage on the Dr Oz show.